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Welcome to Egremont Community School
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Message from the PrincipalI

Welcome back everyone to the new school year! We hope everyone enjoyed the summer heat and we look forward to seeing the returning faces along with our new ones. I am pleased to welcome Mrs. Haick as the newest member of our Egremont teaching staff. Mrs. Haick will be working in the primary division, with various classes. The school is looking wonderful, as always, thanks to Mrs. Lawrence and Mrs. Nicholson and the hard work they’ve put in over the summer.
A reminder that this letter, and other useful information will be posted on our school website at , which we will endeavor to keep updated throughout the year.  Once again, I would also like to encourage everyone to sign up for our paperless e-newsletter.   If you’d like to receive an e-newsletter—rather than a paper one that might be misplaced on the way home—just fill in the form on page 8 with your e-mail address clearly printed, and we’ll add you to the list. Please note, if you were on our list last year you will need to re-subscribe.
Included in this newsletter is a school year calendar.  Of particular note are the Professional Activity days (September 30, October 28, November 18, February 3, and June 2).  This year, there are no Early Dismissal Days!  Report Cards will come home 3 times in the school year - the Progress report in November; Term 1 in February; Term 2 in June.  Complete school year calendars can be found on our website.
With children, head lice can become a recurring problem. Please be sure to check your child’s head regularly.  The best remedy is prevention and early detection.  If  a problem is found, please notify the school so that we can provide support in finding a solution.  
Staff Update
Below, you can see our current staff and classroom organization.  Please remember that this may change due to enrolment variation.  We certainly hope that will not be the case.  If reorganization is required we will notify parents quickly and strive to make the transition with as little disruption as possible.  
Kindergarten News!
We have a new Kindergarten curriculum this year.  Parents can view at
Parent Council will be hosting an Open House on September 21 from 5 to 7 p.m.  Swimming lessons for students in grades 1 & 3, supported by Parent Council and Student Council, will continuing this year (in April).  Please see their message on page 2.
We all look forward to a fulfilling and productive school year with all of our students!

JK/SK—Mrs. McCabe-Acheson
ECE—Mrs. MacTavish
SK/Grade 1—Mrs. Runyon
Grade 1/2— Mrs. Hartemink
Grade 2/3—Mrs. Short
Grade 3/4—Mrs. Moore
Grade 4/5—Ms. Wilkin
Grade 5/6—Mrs. de Jong
Grade 7– Mrs. Shannon
Grade 8—Mr. Beacon
Core French & Primary prep coverage— Ms. Hodgins
Primary Prep Coverage—Mrs. Haick
Instrumental Music—Mr. Shannon
Learning Resource—Mr. Shannon
Educational Assistants: Mrs. Smit and Mrs. Los

Office Manager—Mrs. Timmins
Head Custodian—Mrs. Lawrence
Evening Custodian—Mrs. Nicholson
Principal—Mr. Hopkins

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